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Gupta Permold prides itself on being a world-class contract manufacturer, touching product lines in every industry imaginable. However, it wasn't always this way.

Our company was founded in 1980 by L.P. Gupta, a young, bright eyed metallurgical engineer who came to the U.S. in search of the American dream.  Prior to that, he was laid off from the foundry division of Westinghouse, and therefore decided to put all his savings into opening a small  Permold aluminum foundry in Pittsburgh, PA.  Competition was tough during the 1980-82 so-called "Reagan Recession," but we somehow managed to survive. At the onset of the economic expansion, our high-quality aluminum parts started to gain popularity and paved the way to other opportunities.  

In 1984, we started the Mass Transit Division, which was principally engaged in the manufacture of various drive-train systems for subways and people-movers all over the world.  In addition, our first operational line was braking resistors for dynamic braking systems. In 1986, we continued our growth by building high and low-speed traction gear units. By 1991, we added a line to manufacture AC/DC traction motors. Finally in 1996, we built an operation in CA to refurbish a number of components in the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (otherwise known as BART).  

Unfortunately, all this success in the mass transit industry wasn't meant to last forever.  In the late 1990's, the mass transit industry went through sweeping changes and down-sizing, allowing us to further focus on our thriving aluminum business. To this end, in-house CNC Machining and automated heat-treating were added to have more control and competitiveness for our customers.

In 2005, we started what has become a very successful and fast-growing consumer product line known as DiamondLife Gear (  From very humble beginnings, DiamondLife now proudly declares to be the largest online metal pegboard retailer in the world, and supplies many large institutional supply houses all over the world.

Who knows where the future may take Gupta Permold? No matter what that future may be, we know we have our customers to thank for their continued faith in our capabilities.

MBE Status

Gupta Permold, through its minority ownership, is equipped with full MBE Certification from many transit authorities throughout the world. Contact us for a complete list.


We partnered to win the 2014 medical design excellence award.
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