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Process at a Glance

The permold process at a glance

What exactly is Permold? Where did it come from?

Actually, the definition is quite simple. “Permold (short for permanent mold) is also known as Gravity-Die Casting (though this term is mostly used in Europe). The Permold process produces mass quantities of castings via a non-destructible, metal mold. Specifically, molten metal is poured into a passageway leading to the part cavity whereupon solidifying, it is ejected from the Permold.

In regards to origin, Permold has a very ancient history. Since primitive times, man has found the need to make tools, weapons, and art from indestructible molds so they could be made repeatedly. Perhaps the earliest known example of Permold dates back to 2250 BC where Mesopotamians were using stone molds to mass produce tools and utensils in bronze.

In any case, our Permold process is quite simple and intuitive as illustrated below, from pouring to ejection. Thus, production can be tightly controlled to ensure high-quality castings in every shipment.