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Milling & Turning



Using the most advanced CNC machine tools outfitted with cutting-edge technology, Gupta Permold's in-house machine shop processes jobs quickly and economically, reducing cycle times and passing those savings on to you. Our multi-axis machining capability allows us to reduce the number of setups to give you a lower cost part and a quicker delivery.

Our machining centers have X-axis travels of over 70 inches and are supported by high-capacity cranes to accommodate even the largest of parts in a single operation.

Our dual-station and pallet-shuttling capability on our machining centers allows spindle utilization while parts are being fixtured, resulting in greatly reduced cycle times and costs.

precision turning

Our CNC turning capability can handle parts up to a 16" OD with a 23" maximum swing.

With such technology as optical touch probing and live tooling, our CNC Lathes can make consistent parts to print shipment after shipment.

Very tight tolerances can be scored and checked via a computerized CMM, as tight as +/-.0002! Advanced bar-pulling and bar-feeding systems enable more automated machining and less chance of operator error.  Lights-out, after hours machining is routine.