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quality control

Gupta Permold is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. Click here for a view of our certificate. It doesn't stop with being certified.  Gupta Permold uses strict process controls in all manufacturing processes to ensure products meet or exceed the customer's quality requirements. In order to eliminate defects, all processes are controlled and continuously monitored as part of our unambiguous Zero-Defect policy. Monitoring can be as routine as something known as "hot" inspection (a practice our molders perform by visually checking each and every casting during freezing times for characteristic flaws and imperfections), where the casting continues down the line if, and only if, all quality criteria are met.
Xray - negative
On the other hand, for much more sensitive products, QC monitoring can get as involved as radiographic non-destructive testing (such as x-ray). Digital high-speed images are frequently taken to assess the process's success. In summary, Gupta deeply believes it is imperative to detect defects as early as possible in the manufacturing process and invoke immediate corrective action based on a reasoned, scientific approach to problem-solving. It is this approach that makes us feel confident you'll never have to send anything back to us.

quality assurance

Our products are guaranteed to meet customer print, specifications, and industry standards.  We have complete PPAP submission capability (Levels I thru V). Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System mandates stringent controls on all phases of company activities, from incoming material to calibration.   As an example, Gupta uses only high-quality virgin certified aluminum ingots and does not, as a matter of policy, purchase scrap aluminum. Composition of the ingot is always checked to see that specifications are met. We don't stop there. Gupta Permold routinely performs rigorous final inspection on its more involved products.
We invite customers, both new and old, to visit us and see first hand our world-class Quality Management System. Our Quality Manual is ALWAYS available for your review As a final thought, some of our inspection services, such as CMM work or x-ray analysis, can be contracted as independent services.  Please contact us.

quality achievements

  • Alstom Transportation approved supplier