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Aluminum Extrusion


Need cost-effective aluminum extrusions for your product? You need to talk to Gupta. We ship to industries and OEM across the board, from medical to construction to furniture to hardware.

From simple t-slotted features, to thin finned designs, Gupta has the expertise and the resources to deliver what you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford.

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Tired of high minimum run and order quantities? At Gupta, we see lower quantity runs as an integral part of our business. Getting up to 1,000 lbs (a popular industry minimum) per order can often be difficult, especially for light, streamlined profiles. At Gupta, we are glad to setup and push whatever quantity your demand dictates.

In terms of units, even programs of 500 pcs/year or less can often be quoted and fulfilled very competitively.

Press sizes range from the very small, to upwards of 10”, capable of pushing upwards 12 lbs/ft.


We offer a wide array of alloys to service any application you can think of, ranging from highly structural to critical aesthetics. In addition to the below more common alloys, Gupta can often supply other materials upon request.


In addition to the above 6XXX series alloys, we also can extrude alloys 1100 and 1350, which are high-purity aluminum alloys (>99% aluminum). Special precautions should be taken when designing with these types of materials. Contact us for details.

standard profiles

In addition to custom profiles, Gupta offers a wide variety of standard profiles to suit most common commercial applications. All profiles are subject availability.

- Rectangular Bars Square Bars Hexagonal Bars Round Bars
- Round Tubing Rectangular Tubing Square Tubing Fluted Tubing Oval Tubing
- Angle Profiles “C” Channel Profiles “T” Profiles “G” Profiles
- Heat Sink Profiles Handle Profiles Handrail Profiles
- Ladder Profiles Retail Display Profiles Furniture & Glass Profiles

engineering support & customer service

At Gupta, we consider our high level of expertise, ethnology, and experience a sizeable competitive advantage.

In terms of technology, tools such as:

  • Solidification modeling
  • Flow Simulation
  • Solidworks 3D Design
  • Consulting on Specifications and Tolerancing
  • Extensive knowledge of mechanical assembly
  • Prototyping services

are often employed to make your product launch as smooth and quick as possible.

And of course, nothing would be complete without our prompt, courteous customer service. Our goal is to be available and responsive, and keep our customers in the know about the status of their projects. Our customers receive automated emails throughout the ordering process, from initial receipt, to final shipment.

Let us go to work for you today!