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CNC Machining

The only machining source you need to know. Our CNC Machining service, in addition to supporting its current operations, also enthusiastically offers its services to outside OEM. Materials that can be processed include aluminum, alloy steels, stainless, copper, brass, plastic, and some exotics. So with all of the time and money you invest each and every day into making your product the best it can be, why would you entrust the manufacturing to anyone else but the best? After all, it's your name on the box! So whatever your contract manufacturing needs might be, allow Gupta Permold's world-class staff and facility the privilege of working on your next project...and Gain the Advantage! [download brochure]

cnc machining

Multi-Axis Milling Large parts. Small parts. With our multi-axis capability and dual-station setups, our machines can run your job faster with fewer setups. Precision High-Speed Turning Our CNC Lathes can turn your parts quickly and efficiently while holding very close tolerances. Rapid Turnaround Having delivery problems? Need a supplier that will do what they promise? Look no further... Aggressive Pricing Less set-up time, state-of-the-art machines, and innovative engineering are how we beat the competition. Single-Source Responsibility Whatever your project demands, Gupta Permold can and will handle it from start to finish.

metal finishing center

Pick from our laundry list of highly popular metal finishes, or make one up yourself. Our in-house finishing center can meet and exceed all of your aesthetic requirements.


For general fabricated weldments, we operate highly-skilled welding shop. Our certified welders can perform MIG, TIG, ARC, brazing, and other metal-joining processes to suit your needs.

heat treating

A variety of metal tempering processes to meet and exceed your hardness and strength requirements are provided in-house to greatly reduce your lead-times.

product assembly

Do your parts need nuts, bolts, o-rings, heat-fitted, press-fitted, etc.? Allow Gupta Permold to supply you with complete subassemblies so you get components ready final assembly.