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Product Showcase

Top Pad RH or LH
Weight: 11.8 lbs

Used for stabilizing 18 wheel tractor trailers . A356-T61 used for greater elongation, higher strength/ductility and its improved mechanical properties over lower alloys.

PV link Housing
Weight: 4.7 lbs

Pressure tightness was key to the success of this part, it needed to remain sealed from the outside environment while also withstanding internal pressures.

Top thin Client
Weight: 3.35 lbs

Key factors, such as “fins” for heat dissipation, tight tolerances for mounting/surface references, and finish allowing for a healthy part.

SC Column Cover
Weight: 44 lbs

Air Quenching, unlike the more commonly known process of Water Quenching, is used on projects that need more finesse, it increases the strength and hardness on this extrusion.

Tripod Leg Lower & Upper
Weight: Leg Lower: 4.68 lbs - Leg Upper: 4.88 lbs

Extrusion press size determines how large of an extrusion can be produced. It not only fits on the same press, but because of the size and application of the part, both parts run at the same time.

Tripod Head
Weight: 9.58 lbs

High strength 356 Alloy casting with precision sand-core. High-load safety-critical application. Powder-coated complete.

Baratric Fixed and Moving Jaw
Weight: Fixed Jaw: .0976 lbs - Moving Jaw: .0612 lbs

A highly engineered extrusion with precision machining. These fragile medical devices are used in surgical procedures.

Oldham coupling for vacuum compressor
Weight: 1.28 lbs

Ultra-high strength 357 Alloy casting with precision controlled heat-treatment.  High-load compressor application.  Stringent sub-surface porosity standards.

Bearing holder t-slotted plate
Weight: 4.40 lbs

Intricate T-slotted extrusion with precision machining involving heavy stock removal and close tolerance bearing bores

Electronics enclosure housing
Weight: 1.20 lbs

Extruded profile with secondary powder coating and CNC machining

CSA explosion proof cast housing
Weight: 3.40 lbs

Permanent mold casting with trimming and agency rated machined O-ring grooves for Oil & Gas industry

Stop frame casting for mat'l handling
Weight: 3.66 lbs

Permanent mold design with complex 6-sided secondary CNC Machining, heat treating, and anodizing

GM Corvette suspension bracket
Weight: 0.10 lbs

Extruded profile with secondary media tumbler and CNC machining

Cooking system manifold for gas stove ovens
Weight: 0.80 lbs

Pressure-tight extruded profile with secondary multi-axis machining and anodizing

LCD screen scoring console
Weight: 1.77 lbs

Precision aluminum casting with machining, heavy polishing, and custom metallic powder coating for flawless aesthetic

Winch drum for athletic equipment assembly
Weight: 9.17 lbs

Heavy-wall extruded profile with secondary machining to add cable track profile. Tight tolerance keyway extruded to tolerance without broaching.

UL explosion-proof LCD bezel
Weight: 2.25 lbs

Permanent mold casting with explosion-rated machined O-ring grooves

Spiral cap solution for mechanized lifting
Weight: 0.43 lbs

Profile 6061-T6 extrusion with complex secondary machining, involving close profile tolerances and heavy contouring.

Extruded pump heat sink
Weight: 0.25 lbs

Thin wall, high volume production extrusion with secondary slotting

Explosion proof chrometograph housing
Weight: 26.5 lbs

Three part cast assembly with secondary powder coat, CNC machining of flame-path resistant threads, sub-assembly, and custom packaging

Pallet design robotic actuation solution
Weight: 38.0 lbs

Over 3ft. x 3ft. permanent mold cast design with heavy secondary CNC Machining, revealing no porosity

Earth mover heat sink enclosure
Weight: 42.0 lbs

Complex cast design with thin-walled fins and large pressure-tight bosses, supplied complete with welded handles and CNC Machining

Marine industry stabilizer frame
Weight: 71.4 lbs

Over 4ft. wide design, manufactured on the largest permanent tilt pour machine in the industry.

Mobile medical cart for cervical scanning
Weight: 12.5 lbs

Highly contoured cast design with secondary weld assembly, powder-coating, machining, and mechanical polishing

Multi-functional robot support base
Weight: 33.0 lbs

Rangy cast design with secondary powder-coat, machining, and assembly, capable of supporting over 1/2 ton

Medical operating room lighting yoke
Weight: 3.39 lbs

Sand core design with powder-coating, machining, and polishing to meet stringent medical industry standards.

AR upper receiver
Weight: 0.64 lbs

Sand core design with heavy secondary machining and tumble to meet ATF industry standards

Connector fitting for aluminum furniture
Weight: 1.10 lbs

Load-bearing casting with parting line minimized and mating surfaces cast to dimension

Coupling casting for fire protection
Weight: .53 lbs

Over 250,000 pcs annual production

Bracket for self-contained breathing device
Weight: .51 lbs

Hexagonal broaching operation on raw cast pilot holes

High-performance magnetic drill housing
Weight: 7.16 lbs

Highly cored casting with many varying walls that gets heavily machined

Gear for concrete finishing tool
Weight: .81 lbs

Gear teeth used as-cast. High-strength aluminum alloy for extra long life and wear resistance.

Auger mechanism for food equipment
Weight: .83 lbs

Complex helical shape cast with minimally invasive parting line, supplied complete with machining and burnishing

Case for commercial butchering application
Weight: 2.75 lbs

Polish-grade casting for food equipment industry

Power plant switching actuation coupling
Weight: 2.90 lbs

Very successful sand-casting conversion project where secondary machining was reduced by over 80%

High-strength Tenzaloy crank
Weight: 4.50 lbs

Used in electrical power transmission and distribution installations where high ductility is essential; casting surpassed field and lab fatigue tests repeatedly

Electrical power transmission blade hinge
Weight: 6.62 lbs

All features as-cast with no machining required; fantastic illustration of the geometric possibilites of the permanent mold process

Solar-powered traffic management device
Weight: 6.10 lbs

Supplied complete to customer with casting, machining, vibratory finishing, powder-coating, and hinge-pin/gasket assembly

Shatter and tamper resistant keypad housing
Weight: 1.66 lbs

Threaded inserts (4x) to eliminate drilling/tapping and stronger threads; smooth powder-coat ready surface finish

Reel mechanism for safety harness equipment
Weight: 2.29 lbs

100% of cast surface machined away with zero visible porosity, shown in robust hard-coat anodized condition

Oil fill boss used on ATV transmission
Weight: .13 lbs

High usage casting was seamlessly welded to 6061-T6 aluminum tubing without any resulting leaks in highly automated robotic setting

Box truck corner
Weight: 5.68 lbs

Complex curves manually reproduced for tooling manufacture; tremenedous cost savings over sand casting with superior surface finish

Gear for wheat combine
Weight: .96 lbs

Cast with minimal draft so gear teeth could be used as-cast without any costly hobbing operations; hi-wear alloy to lengthen casting life in application

Agricultural ventilation fan
Weight: 17.55 lbs

Over 5 ft in diameter; cast with precision to minimze post balancing needs; mold completely made from "reverse-engineered" sand casting

Structural corner for The Gates installation
Weight: 8.51 lbs

Design authorized by world-renowned installation artist, Christo-Jeanne Claude. Converted from aluminum weldment to reduce cost and weight; creative use of lightener pockets

Filter base for high-performance oil pump
Weight: 2.09 lbs

Passed customer pressure tightness requirements by a large margin of safety with NO impregnation; supplied completely fabricated, tested, and assembled

Pressure housing for signaling machine
Weight: 11.20 lbs

Low annual quantity conversion from sand casting made possible with minimal tooling expense; precision machined O-ring grooves with no porosity

Filter head for heavy-duty mining pump
Weight: 11.50 lbs

Heavy-walled casting with high-pressure O-ring grooves used as-cast; tight porosity specifications

Manifold for oil-water centrifugal seperator
Weight: 4.27 lbs

Cast, machined,pressure-tested, and anodized by Gupta for world-leading OEM; tight tolerance multi-axis machining with undercuts and seal surfaces

Luxury architectural mailbox door
Weight: 2.63 lbs

Proprietary gating technology employed to eliminate need for hand grinding, leading to superior aesthetics and repeatability

Decorative finial for commercial lighting
Weight: 4.16 lbs

Beautiful as-cast surface finish; sand-core eliminated with creative coring techniques

Fluted architectural base cover
Weight: 14.16 lbs

Decorative base cover used in municipal & commercial street lighting pole applications; much more dimensionally repeatable than previous sand casting to allow for easy assembly

Cooling plate for microprocessor board
Weight: 3.67 lbs

Fabricated stainless steel coil completely encased in cast aluminum with excellent heat transfer with no danger of media leaks

Cold plate for MRI power transmission
Weight: 11.16 lbs

Supplied complete with CNC machining, vacuum brazing, and plating; made to extreme pressure-tightness without impregnation; specialized brazing process for cast aluminum; high thermal conductivity

High-load base flange
Weight: 9.23 lbs

Precision CNC machined aluminum plate for maximum tensile strength

Large sand-cast aluminum bulkhead
Weight: 17.30 lbs

Precision sand cast aluminum bulkhead for NJ Transit Rail System; over 4 ft x 2.5 ft; supplied fully plated with heli-coiled holes

Gearbox Housing
Weight: 5.12 lbs

For multiple reduction unit; Deep-pocketed bearing bores machined to +/-.0005 tolerance; Leak-proof with hydraulic oil

Gearbox top cover for traction gear unit
Weight: 13.72 lbs

Used in critical mass transit propulsion application; Flatness held to tight tolerance across mating surface of part (after machining); shown with gold chromate coating .

Gearbox for motorized riding cart
Weight: 4.00 lbs

Gearbox for heavy-duty motorized riding cart for elderly/disabled; inserts cast at multi-axes to avoid 100% of machining and increasing thread durability

Gearbox for right-angle single-reduction unit
Weight: 4.22 lbs

Multi-axis tightly toleranced machining; deep-pocketed bearing bores machined to +/-.0002 tolerance; Leak-proof with hydraulic oil at pressure.

Intricate flow control valve housing
Weight: 2.34 lbs

Very complex design with multiple cores and complex parting, originally designed as die casting; over 300 machined attributes; miniature gun-drilled holes with zero cross-talk between chambers

Gearbox cover for multiple reduction unit
Weight: 3.96 lbs

Precision machined bearing bores machined to exacting true position requirements to minimize gear noise and backlash.